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New user
Just got registered here and exploring.

I stumbled on the image uploader script and installed on my forum.  It creates a button on the post message screen and successfully launches the imgZB upload when it is clicked.

However, nothing seemingly happens after that.  I see my images in my account, so the upload worked, but nothing gets embedded into the message editor.

SO CLOSE, but no cigar so far...

It is a Proboards forum, BTW.
Sorry for the delayed response!

Did you go into your ACP > Themes > Layout Templates > Forum Wrapper . . .

Then copy/paste the plugin script tag before the closing </head> tag?

. . . . . . .

If that isn't working, can you provide a link to your forum so we can take a look at it?

We know that this script does work, as intended, on ProBoards. We have several test PB forums that we have installed and used the script on.

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