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Upload Plugin, Vendor Specific
For the record.  The Upload Plugin works with website, blogs and other forum software!  By simply inserting the imgZB plugin script, you can obtain the following:

[Image: D4Wf.png]
[Image: DQHF.png]

[Image: DJN2.png]
[Image: D3t0.png]

[Image: file.php?id=2]

[Image: smf-quick-reply.PNG]
[Image: smf.PNG]

If you have any of the following software, you would use vendor specific coding:

bbpress, discourse, discuz, ipb, mybb, nodebb, phpbb, smf, vanilla, vbulletin, xenforo

The vendor specific coding would be like this:

<script async src="//" data-url="" data-vendor="bbpress"></script>

If your website, blog or forum uses a different software, there's no reason to use "data-vendor" because "auto" is default.

There many other options available which include what type of code is automatically inserted, color of the upload images button and much more. Visit the Upload Plugin page and click on the hyperlink "options" for more information on options for implementation.

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