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Upload Plugin Embed Code Options
There are plenty options to make the Upload Plugin fit better for your website needs.  By adding a few words and you can make the system integrate more aesthetically.

The base code to implement the Upload Plugin is:
<script async src="//" data-url=""></script>
There are many options for the upload image embed code that is automatically inserted into your text input area.  The default embed code is BBCode Medium Size Image.  However, all of the embed codes that are available on the website of imbZB are available to be inserted!

If you wanted to have the BBCode Full Size Image inserted, you simply add data-auto-insert="bbcode-embed-full to the imgzb script tag, like this:
<script async src="//" data-url="" data-auto-insert="bbcode-embed-full"></script>

The default selections include: Viewer links, Direct links, HTML image, HTML full linked, HTML medium linked, HTML thumbnail linked, BBCode full, BBCode full linked, BBCode medium linked, BBCode thumbnail linked, Markdown full, Markdown full linked, Markdown medium linked, Markdown thumbnail linked

So to make the code embed BBCode thumbnail images, you would add data-auto-insert="bbcode-embed-thumbnail", so the script tag would be revised to this:
<script async src="//" data-url="" data-auto-insert="bbcode-embed-thumbnail"></script>
There many other options available which include what type of color the upload button is displayed as, where the button is placed in relation to your text input box and much more.  Visit the Upload Plugin page and click on the hyperlink "options" for more information on options for implementation.
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